(Artistic Direction)

The Bedroom

“When I saw my canvases again after my illness… what seemed to me the best was The Bedroom.” - A letter from Van Gogh to his Brother Theo in 1888.

(Design Statement)
The decision to respond to Vincent's The Bedroom and most notably the colour blue was but a resolution to look at both the painting and the current concern of mental health side by side. The yellow house juxtaposed his emotions and revealed in a way an irony in the context of its painting and its setting, as well as the state of mind of Van Gogh at the time of creation of the art. The reimagined bedroom, juxtaposed with the use of blue fabric in the construction of the installation, is thus an impression and reimagination of the state of mind that Van Gogh was going through.

Team credits to Toyo (Interior Design), Khairi (Fine Arts) and Nadia (Fashion).