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(Design Statement)
Modern families are disconnected due to the differing eras in which they grew up in, leading to constrasting ways in which they consume entertainment, and by extension, the radio. However, we believe that stories have the power to engage audiences from all generations, regardless of language disparities.

The revised Rediffusion provides contents of nostalgia for the older generation, while connecting the youths back to their parents by the acknowledgement of varying schedules of habits in the family; a configurable and modular timeline fits the tastes of the different family members, delivering content suited to lifestyle needs of a permutative millennial family unit of both parents and the younger generation, with content aimed at bridging familial ties of both groups.

Team credits to Justin Chong, Janessa Tan, and Foo Shi Hui.

User Research – Personas, Focus Group, User Journeys

Additional Screens for web based platforms

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