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(Design Statement)
Chömp helps you gradually make your way to eating healthier by allowing you to switch between variations of the same food but healthier choices near you.

During the National Day Rally in 2017, Prime Minister Lee surfaced that diabetes is increasingly a problem in Singapore. Propagated by hectic lifestyles, working adults are making poor choices in diet and nutrition, with over-consumption and lack of time to look for healthier meals, making diabetes a growing concern.

Through online polls and focus group discussions, we identified that Singaporeans understand the consequences of unhealthy diets, yet do not sustain healthier diets on daily basis. They underestimate the recommended calorie intakes and miscontrue healthier choices as opting for salads or organic produce, which are often more expensive options. However, they forget that healthy eating is not just limited to pure greens and grains, and that reducing their intake of unhealthy options contributes directly to improving their blood glucose levels.

A mobile application that incentivises healthier eating: Chömp partners with stalls under the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining Programme. We aim to encourage healthier eating gradually with convenience and few remunerations. Chömp locates healthier choices, records and reminds users of healthier food options nearby — empowering healthier diets without restricting user’s favourite dishes.

Team credits to Catherine Kusuma, Jocelyn Lim, and Natasya Budi Utomo.