(Research Topic)

Anthropocenic Futures in Singapore

(Design Statement)
Embodying the theories behind Critical Design and the optimisation of frameworks as research models for future thinking, the project employs such framework in means of collaborative imagining workshops to create fictional and speculative outcomes in Singapore, in hopes of bringing light to the current issues of Man's impact on Earth today within a local context within the Anthropocenenic era.

(Artistic Direction)
The designer’s role here is to take on the role of a creator and curator in attempting to communicate different aspects of the research with creative interventions that has multiplicity in meaning, that aims to be communicative to the audiences that visit the ‘gallery’ for a more inclusive experience. The artistic direction and narrative behind the installation within the confines of the working area is to simulate the environment of a science gallery, with each mandatory serving as an artefact that is ‘on display’ within the gallery confines.

Critical Design as an approach to Future Design can be found on ResearchGate here.