(In-Situ User-Testing)

Investigative Bureau:
A Participatory Imagining Workshop

(Design Statement) 
Embodying the theories behind Critical Design and the optimisation of frameworks as research models for future thinking, the project employs such eventual outcomes of a guided workflow in means of Participatory Imagining workshops to create fictional and speculative outcomes in Singapore, in hopes of bringing light to the current issues of Man's impact on Earth today within a local context within the Anthropocenic era.

(Artistic Direction) 
The designer’s role now in Semester 2 is to organise for a series of Participatory Imagining workshops, modelled after a speculative-investigative bureau the exists in an Anthropocenic landscape within Singapore. The agency calls for millennial designers and/or creatives from multi-disciplines to gather and participate in imaginations of speculative and fictional outcomes as a response to the Anthropocenic era. Outcomes will then be designed as artefacts under the bureau.

Critical Design as an approach to Future Design can be found on ResearchGate here.

Special thanks to the following participants whom have been of immense help to the project:

(Trial Run)

Christabel Tai, Darren Loo, Foo Chuan Lyn, Farisha Abdulrahiman, Ow Ting Quan, Ng Jiayu, Sarah S. Joe, Irdina Suhaini, Ziting Tan

(Actual Run)

Amanda Teo, Benedict Lim, Brice Tan, Christabel Tai, Clara Lee, Daryl Bradley Tan, Irdina Suhaini, Sarah S. Joe, Keith Wong, Ang Kia Yee, Priscilla Diane, Ryan Lau, Samuel Kong, Stanley Goh, Yue Ling Tan, Ziting Tan.

Not forgetting immense tutelage and care from tutor, Stanley Lim.